All American Foods, Inc.

High Fat Powders

Manufacturing High Fat Powders for a Variety of Commercial Applications

All American Foods carefully selects the finest ingredients to make Pro Mix® high-fat powders.  These enhanced high-fat powders have been developed to provide superior functionality while delivering exceptional performance and cost savings in an extensive range of food applications.  Pro Mix® high-fat powders improve the richness, creamy flavor, and texture of sauces and gravies, dips, beverages, soups, dressings, shakes, baked goods, confectionery products, processed potatoes, and more.

Pro Mix® ingredients improve the flavor of any food by providing a variety of base flavors that complement and enhance the existing spices and flavorings in a product.  Pro Mix® ingredient flavor profiles range from sweet to nutty.

Pro Mix® high-fat dairy and non-dairy powders are designed as alternatives for:

  • Cheese Powder
  • Cream Powder
  • Full Cream Powder
  • Heavy Cream Powder
  • Cream Cheese Powder
  • Sour Cream Powder
  • Whole Milk Powder
  • Butter powder

A Quarter Century of Innovation

For over a quarter of a century, All American Foods, Inc. has grown to own and operate four, separate SQF audited ingredient manufacturing facilities centrally located in southern Minnesota.  Their innovative approach allows All American Foods to produce its Pro Mix® ingredients with only the nutrients and functional attributes needed for each application.

This approach is responsible for offering some of the largest food manufacturers in the world the “Pro Mix® Advantage”.

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