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Dried Cultured Ingredients

Dried Cultured Milk, Sour Cream Powder, and Dry Yogurt Powder

Pro Mix® dried cultured powders offer an extensive range of exceptional flavors which enhance the quality of many food and dairy products.  These bulk dried cultured powders, including cultured buttermilk blend powder, dried sour cream powder, and dry cream powder have been formulated to maximize both functionality and cost savings in a wide array of food applications.  The flavor of salad dressingsdips and saucesfrozen desserts, specialty baked goods, and more can be enriched by the addition of Pro Mix® dried cultured powders.

Pro Mix® dried cultured powders include:

For over a quarter of a century, All American Foods, Inc. has grown to own and operate four, separate SQF audited ingredient manufacturing facilities centrally located in southern Minnesota.  Their innovative approach allows All American Foods to produce its Pro Mix® dried ingredients with only the nutrients and functional attributes needed for each application.  This approach is responsible for offering some of the largest food manufacturers in the world the “Pro Mix® Advantage”.

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