All American Foods, Inc.

Discover the Pro Mix® Advantage

  • Centrally Located Facilities:

Our facilities located in the heart of the Midwest (Southern Minnesota) offer maximized ingredient procurement and finished product distribution opportunities.


  • Efficient Facilities:

Our modern facilities include automated lines that ensure our ability to offer our customers the benefits of maximized efficiencies.


  • Employee Owned:

For over 30 years, we have been a privately held company that is owned and operated by working employees.


  • Broad Application and Personnel Experience:

Our employees have over 100 years of combined experience with a wide range of ingredient application and processing.


  • Uninterrupted Supply:

Our four manufacturing facilities ensure a continuous supply of products and services.


  • Cutting-Edge Processing and Packaging Solutions:

We offer several processing and packaging efficiencies that add long-term value to our customers.


  • R & D and Pilot Facilities:

Our full-scale Research & Development department and pilot facilities offer risk-free trials and customized cost-saving solutions.


  • Exceptional Quality Programs:

We have on-site quality control and a total quality program that ensures the production of high-quality ingredients.


  • 3rd Party Audits:

Our facilities are inspected by industry recognized 3rd party auditors including, but not limited to, SQF, IMS-Grade A, and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.  On-line access to audit results can also be offered.


  • Consistency Every Time:

Our ingredient procurement and processing parameters ensure a consistent product is manufactured every time.


  • Procurement Advantage:

Our high volume raw ingredient purchases offer continuous customer savings.