25th Anniversary Message from Jeff A. Thom, CEO

It’s now been more than 25 years since the founding of All American Foods.  Time sure does fly by.  There have been many challenges and rewards that I have learned from and continue to learn from and therefore, I appreciate them all.  Our continued success comes from our two biggest assets, our customers and employees.

Our customers continually show their confidence in us by giving us their continued business, by sharing new opportunities and by recommending us to others as well.  We are grateful for that confidence and we continually do all we can to earn it.  Thanks to our talented and dedicated employees, our manufacturing facilities operate with an extremely high level of quality, consistency and efficiency.  That effort and continued dedication gives us all reason to be excited about our future.  I am truly grateful to all of our employees and customers that I have had and continue to have the pleasure of working with.  I look forward to working with many of you for years to come.  It is with a tremendous amount of humility that I offer you all a very sincere THANK YOU!

I would also like to acknowledge my family, friends and business associates that have been giving me their support for many years.  It continues today and I am grateful for their continuous support of my endeavors.

We are proud to celebrate our 25th anniversary and I am confident that All American Foods will continue its successes for many years.  To all of the aforementioned, I offer a heartfelt THANK YOU!

Jeff A. Thom