All American Foods, Inc. Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

All American Foods, Inc. (AAFI) is celebrating 25 years in business.  The company started in April of 1987.  AAFI has grown from one facility to four in Mankato, MN, as well as one facility in Waseca, MN, and continues to grow. AAFI’s business success comes from, its two greatest business assets, its customers and employees.

Now 25 years later, a leading manufacturer of functional food ingredients, AAFI has created a product line which includes, dried nonfat, buttermilk and whole milk substitutes, cheese powders and flavorings, sour cream, yogurt powders and soy based ingredients.  Pro Mix® powders contain only the essential nutrients needed for each application, while delivering superior quality with uncompromising flavor at a lower cost per pound.  AAFI is also a leader in customized processing and packaging of dried, co-dried, and dry blended ingredients; the facilities can accommodate extensive capabilities which include mixing, sifting, chopping, liquid spraying, and plating of colors, flavors, oils, and pastes.

For additional information on the Pro Mix® advantage, contact All American Foods at (800) 833-2661.