All American Foods, Inc. Expands Its Pro Mix® Line of Trans Fat Free Ingredients

Along with its dairy based whole milk powder replacers, All American Foods, Inc. is now producing trans fat free products, utilizing soybean oils, to allow its customers to save money without sacrificing quality.   These “fat filled” powders can utilize a variety of vegetable fats which include, but not limited to, soy, coconut and palm oils.  Pro Mix® trans fat free ingredients are available at several different fat levels and provide a economic advantage compared to typical whole milk and other high fat dairy powders.

All American Foods’ Pro Mix® product line of functional food ingredients include; dried nonfat, buttermilk and whole milk substitutes; cheese powders and flavorings; along with dried hi acid, sour cream and yogurt products.  All American Foods owns and operates four separate, GMA-SAFE audited, manufacturing and packaging facilities in Southern Minnesota.  A leader in customized processing and packaging of dried, co-dried, and dry blended ingredients; the facilities can accommodate extensive capabilities which include blending and mixing, sifting, chopping, liquid spraying, and plating of colors, flavors, oils, and pastes.

For additional information on the Pro Mix® Advantage, contact All American Foods at (800) 833-2661.