All American Foods, Inc. Introduces Pro Mix® Flavor Enhanced Cream Powders

All American Foods has introduced its Pro Mix Flavor Enhanced Cream Powders.  These new ingredients add value to any application where rich and creamy dairy notes are desired.  Offered with various fat levels, they offer economical replacement of standard ingredients such as dried buttermilk, whole milk powders and 40 to 70% cream powders. Standard industry processing techniques often produce ingredients with low flavor and/or high off-flavors associated with oxidized fat.  All Americans unique process ensures that Pro Mix retains the natural rich and creamy dairy notes.  This superior flavor source often allows for lower usage levels, while providing a lower cost per pound.

All American Foods owns and operates four modern, GMA-SAFE audited facilities in Southern Minnesota and offers its Pro Mix® product line of functional food ingredients, for use in a wide range of applications.  By incorporating only the nutrients essential to your application, they are proving that functionality at its best improves your bottom line.

For more information, please contact All American Foods at 1-800-833-2661.