All American Foods Expands its Pilot Plant Capabilities

In a move to better serve both current and potential customers, All American Foods has expanded their pilot plant capabilities.  The pilot plant is designed to bring products from start to finish with a full scale Research and Development kitchen available.  The expansion includes new blending equipment for use in product and service development that will increase the company’s processing versatility.  All American Foods incorporates a wide range of ingredients including liquid and paste components such as colors, flavors, fats and oils.

All American Foods owns and operates four modern, FPA-SAFE audited facilities in Southern Minnesota and offers its functionally designed dairy and non-dairy Pro Mix® line of specialty ingredients, along with customized processing services.  Pro Mix® ingredients incorporate only the nutrients essential to your application proving that functionality at it best improves your bottom line. Pro Mix® ingredients are used in a wide range of applications including baked goods, confectionery items, salad dressings and sauces, processed cheeses and egg products.

For more information, please contact All American Foods at 1-800-833-2661.