All American Foods, Inc. Completes its Second NFPA-SAFE Audits

All American Foods recently completed its second NFPA-SAFE audits of all four of their manufacturing facilities.  “NFPA is the largest trade association representing the food and beverage industry in the United States and worldwide, serving as the industry’s voice on scientific and public policy issues involving food and safety, food security, nutrition, technical and regulatory matters and consumers affairs.”  The decision to continue with the NFPA-SAFE program demonstrates All American Foods proactive commitment to higher quality ingredients and safer manufacturing practices for their Pro Mix® product line.  For further information on our NFPA-SAFE audited facilities, and their capabilities please call All American Foods at 1-800-833-2661.

All American Foods, Inc. offers its Pro Mix® product line of innovative dairy and non-dairy ingredients, along with standard commodities.  By offering these ingredients, you can be assured you are buying the nutrients essential to you application.  Pro Mix® ingredients are used in a wide range of applications including baked goods, confectionary items, salad dressings and sauces, processed cheeses and egg products.  With four manufacturing facilities in Minnesota, the company has a processing capacity of more than 175 million pounds annually.