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Salad Dressing Applications

Pro mix flavor enhanced buttermilk and nonfat dry milk powders used as a buttermilk replacer or nonfat dry milk replacers in salad dressing food ingredient applications.

Label Information -Pro Mix® allows wholesome dairy ingredients such as buttermilk and nonfat milk to remain a reassuring presence on food labels.

Flavor Range - Pro Mix® improves flavor by providing a variety of base flavors that complement and enhance the spice and herbal flavors in salad dressings. Pro Mix® flavor profiles range from sweet to nutty and from fresh to cultured dairy.

Texture - Pro Mix® provides structure and texture to spoonable and pourable salad dressings by supplying proteins and carbohydrates that promote the emulsification of oils and the development of viscosity under high acid conditions.

Emulsification - Pro Mix® improves processing and stability of salad dressings by supplying specific proteins required for effective emulsification and stabilization of fats and oils under a variety of acid and shear conditions.

Shelf Stability - Pro Mix® provides a shelf-stable salad dressing by using amylase-free raw materials during manufacture and by testing of final Pro Mix® products for the absence of amylase activity.

Dispersibility - Pro Mix® provides easily dispersible dressing bases and mixes that allow rapid hydration in liquids allowing ease of use for food processors or for end users.