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Beverage Applications

Beverage ingredient applications for milk beverages, protein drinks, powdered beverages and energy drinks.

Labeling Information - Pro Mix® allows wholesome dairy ingredients such as milk, nonfat milk, and buttermilk to remain a reassuring presence on food labels.

Flavor - Pro Mix® improves beverage flavor by supplying a base with a range of bland to rich dairy flavors and by functioning as a flavor carrier for sweet, citrus, or spice flavors.

Appearance - Pro Mix® provides clarity or opacity to beverages allowing formulation of beverages with flexible visual appeals.

Stability - Pro Mix® increases heat and acid stability of beverages by selecting proteins and stabilizers that target the specific processing and formulation needs for a variety of beverage applications.

Emulsification - Pro Mix® improves emulsion stability in beverages by preventing separation or precipitation during processing and storage.

Dispersibility - Pro Mix® provides easily dispersible beverage bases and mixes that allow rapid hydration in cold or hot liquids allowing ease of use for beverage processors or for end users.

Viscosity - Pro Mix® increases the ability of formulators to control mouth feel in the final beverage by managing the impact of proteins and minerals on viscosity.

Fortification - Pro Mix® supplies important nutrients from dairy ingredients including protein and calcium. Pro Mix® provides a natural source of dietary calcium as well as proteins with high nutritional value and digestibility.